Brandon O’Dell, a food service consultant, states that there is nothing unique about having the best food and the best service, because every restaurant in town offers that.  It is the emotion that the restaurant brings out of people that makes it unique. When you see a McDonalds ad on tv you feel like taking your family out to eat, but when you see a Carl’s Jr ad you feel like going out by yourself. You also do not want to create a menu with 50 items. Keep it simple, focused, and organized to keep inventory low and cut down on the time a customer takes to order.

After deciding on a unique selling point and an organized menu, we can start with the real work, marketing and managing. If all you needed to do was sell food to have a successful restaurant, everyone would do it, but as a restaurant owner you will find out that there is more to this than meets the eye. If you are not asking yourself what items sell the most, how many people you serve a day, the actual cost of selling an item, and how many labor hours you spend per sales dollar, then you will be part of the 75% of restaurants that fail after 5 years. Marketing on the other hand is what brings customers to your door and keeps them coming back for more and if you are not investing on that then all I can say is good luck!

Last but not least, your lack of knowledge will determine whether a vendor is giving you a good price or simple taking advantage of you. Get informed and stay in the loop or risk the chance of losing your investment.